Balkan route – another way to reach Europe through Serbia

Between Serbia and Macedonia runs the imaginary line of the Balkan route, a corridor of about one thousand kilometers to reach the borders of Hungary. It represents an escape way for an always growing number of migrants who leave Greece due to the economic crisis and to the heavy pressures exerted by the police and by extreme right wing groups.
With the help of the traffickers the migrants climb up the Balkans to search a better future in Europe. The Balkan route, which is the third most important access in terms of number of entries into Europe, can be considered relatively safe. There are different witnesses on the way the migrants are treated : some of them find shelter in the reception camps made available by the Serbian government, others report that they are not accepted and are forced to sleep in the woods, others say the inhabitants of the Balkan region accept them while some migrants accuse the police of stealing their money and of using force to refuse them to entry. Anyway, all of them want to continue their journeys, hoping to find in Europe a safe shelter from wars and famines they have in their countries.

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