Lebanon, once again a land of refuge

March 25, 2011, Syria. In the cities of Latakia, Daraa and Samnin squares become inflamed against President Bashar Al Assad. The Sunni faction, about 65% of the population, rebels to Batha Party came to power through a coup in 1963. Civil war breaks out.
As often happens in the most difficulty are women, elderly and children who are evacuated by relatives to neighboring countries. Two million, surveyed by UNHCR, are Syrian refugees displaced from Syria since the conflict began.
Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Jordan, as of mid-2011 are the states where the Syrian civilians seeking refuge.
Lebanon, now hosts more than 600,000 Syrian refugees (UNHCR source in August 2013). Men and women crossing the border looking for a hope of salvation are in a situation of abandonment.
Not recognizing the government of Lebanon refugee status, to take care of the Syrian population in the territory remain the NGOs with which it cooperates. The largest clusters of refugees whether created since the war began are located in the Bekaa area, west of Lebanon, Tripoli, in the north-east and south of Beirut.
The displaced people in Lebanon, often do not live in tents but in the slums or in rented apartments in precarious and overcrowded.
To provide support and support to fellow immigrants, in Tripoli, it is on the Syrian National Council (SNC). Said mold secular but Sunni, is a political body formed in Turkey in 2011, it declared illegal by the Syrian government.
The CNS activity is divided into five departments, aid for refugees, health, education, economic support and relationship with the media. In the Syrian population hangs an air of fear for the future. The Free Syrian Army fighters who come to Tripoli to be reunited with relatives, to heal or to rest after the fighting, have the firm intention to continue the war until victory.
Relatives of the victims are desperate resignation. Women, proud of their men engaged in the fighting, walking for kilometers to pick up even a piece of bread. The children no longer play in the meadows of Homs, Aleppo or Damascus, but in a garbage dump on the outskirts of Tripoli.
The question that they can’t answer is: “Why the rest of the world, including the United States, Italy and France do nothing for two years and have left us massacred in peace? Why?”

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