Iraqi Kurdistan – The advance of the Caliphate

10th June 2014 : the Islamic state takes Mossul and Iraq is again falling into chaos.
After the escape of the Iraqi army, the Peshmerga directly intervened to stop the IS’s rise.
The Peshmerga, literally “those who confront death”, are made of voluntary troops and professional soldiers, many of them are young people between 19 and 24 years old, who risk their lives to defend their country for a monthly salary of about 500 US$.
This is a country which is not yet independent, but which aims to become like that.
One of the hottest areas is the Kirkuk area, in the south, which is contented for by IS, Iraq and the independent Kurdistan, and is rich of oil. In Kirkuk area, in southern region of Iraqi Kurdistan, the clash between peshmerga and IS continue every day. The conquest of many cities by the Islamic state has caused hundreds of thousands of refugees. Among them Yazidi, Shabak, Turkmen and Christians were forced to escape if they not convert to Caliphate rules. The refugees, who are are not helped by the Government of Iraq, find a shelter in some structures offered by the city or in houses under construction, under the bridges or in abandoned places. The evacuated people ask for help to the international community to get food, water and some medicines. Some of them, particularly the Yazidi, who really want to leave the Iraqi territory, ask for help to Europe, which gives them refuge and political asylum.
In the meantime, the fight between the Peshmerga and the IS is supported by the United States and by the European allies by sending military, logistic and humanitarian helps.

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