Tuzla – The anger of the workers of Dita

February 2014, the government building of Tuzla is set on fire by workers and students after waiting for three days to talk to the governor.
The increase in private investment in Serbia has led to the closure of many factories and those purchased and renovated have cut staff and workers’ rights.
One of the main factories in Tuzla is the Dita. The Dita detergents produced and exported them all over Europe. The factory, according to the foreign buyer, would have to close and give way to a storage area, the staff reductions were estimated at around 80% of employment. In 2012 the new owner of Dita stopped paying contributions and salaries and workers have occupied the factory for response. The occupation had as its goal the preservation of the structure and machinery to be able to continue production of detergents. The proposal of the employees who joined in an independent trade union was to buy a part of the factory and self-manager. After the war of the 90s, the idea of Tito’s ​​socialist was removed by successive governments but not by the spirit of the workers. The events of February 2014 have created new city councils with popular based assemblies where they discuss various issue. After a year of struggle, the Dita will reopen in August 2015 thanks to the financing obtained by the workers.

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