Evros river, the oriental gate of Europe. A wall against immigration.

Evros river is the 160 km natural borderline between Greece and Turkey, Europe and Asia and since 2007 one of the preferential ways for the immigration to Europe. Riverside had been planned the construction of a ditch and the first 15 kilometres were ready in August 2011. The initial project, later considered to be too expensive, was then changed into a double barrier of wire-netting and barbed wire. From September 2011 the European Union has continuously showed its approval of the project.
On 13th April 2012 the Greek Government, after discussing at the end of March the con- struction of new detention centres on the outskirts of the borderland, approved the start- ing of the works to realize the fencing with a cost evaluated to be over 3.000.000 Euros to be totally paid by the Hellenic state, already burdened by the heavy economical crisis. In 2011 Frontex, a military force created and supported by the European Union, started the “Poseidon Project” to control and stop the migratory flow.
According to data provided by Frontex, in 2012 about 55.000 people coming from Asia, Middle East and Africa tried to take refuge in Europe. According to data provided by Eulex, 250 people per day try to enter into Greece to find a normal life with the help of men dealers, which the migrants call “ the agents”.
During the day on the road from Kastanies to Alexandropoli you can meet groups of four or five peo- ple walking fast : they are migrants who have crossed the Evros river hoping to survive and to go to Athena as their first aim. Some of them will rest in the Greek capital, which has a very large community made of migrants, others will try to reach other countries in Europe with the help of their “ agents”.

Editing by Sandro Iovine